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Where to Eat? New Food and Places to Eat in Cebu

I was born and raised in Cebu. Cebu for me is a haven for foodies. Cebuano's are known for being hard to please. So, if you want to know if a product or a person would be a hit in the Philippines, you need to test it out in Cebu. Cebuano's would tell you if it would likely succeed or not. We are not arrogant people but we just want the best value for our money. 

For the last 7 years, I have been working in Manila. I moved back last December and to my surprise a lot of new things have sprouted in Cebu. Even the rising trend of turning homes to restaurants has become a thing here.

Here are some of the the new dishes, restaurants, diners and hole-in-the-wall places that are right on the budget and best for the tummy. You must try them. These are in no particular order.

Southside Wings
Located in one of the residential homes at the back of Country Mall, Banilad. Southside Wings has become one of the most-visited and hottest places for lunch and dinner. The place specializes in flavored chicken wings. The one I liked best is their Cajun wings. Just enough kick for those who want their chicken spicy. The price is very affordable too. You can get a whole plate of wings for only PhP120.00. When we were there, we only paid around PhP620 for 5 people. 

soutside wings cebu by

cajun wings at soutside wings cebu by

It's like an updated version of Larsian. Larsian without the smoke and one of it's location is in a very trendy place here in Cebu, in IT Park, Apas, Lahug. The best thing about the place is their sauce. I was disappointed though when we were there because they did not have isaw (chicken intestines). 

yakski it park cebu by

bbq at yakski it park cebu by

NYPD Pizza and Pasta Buffet
One of the last places I have been too. I have visited it twice in a span of two weeks. It's an all you can eat pizza, pasta, chicken and fruits. They boast of pizza in more than five flavors. Different pasta noodles in bolognese, carbonara and lasagna. They have fries, fried chicken and at least two kinds of fruits too. The best thing is all their pasta and pizza are in authentic Italian flavors and the chefs are real Italians too. Per person charge is around PhP300 including drinks. Children below 12 years old pay half the price.

nypd pizza cebu by

pasta and pizza buffet at nypd pizza cebu by

The name may suggest that this is a desserts cafe but it doesn't just offer desserts. It also serves meals, pasta and sandwiches. One of the things I tried and liked was their Spanish sardines meal. Their lava cake and money bread are
so delicious that you might end up forgetting your name. This is one of my favorite dessert places also.

fudge cebu by

lava cake at fudge cebu by

monkey bread at fudge cebu by

Ramen Yushoken 
A friend introduced me to ramen, not the instant ones but the authentic Japanese one. After trying the ramen at Yushoken, I became a ramen fan. They just opened a branch here in Cebu in Oakridge Center, A.S. Fortuna. I have not eaten in their store here in Cebu but have been visiting their shop in Alabang a few times. My usual order is the one with miso.

Yushoken ramen  alabang by

ramen at yushoken alabang by

Hala Paella!
You are right! Paella! I have not tried it but judging from the number of people coming in and out of their cute kioks in Banilad Town Center, I bet the food here is a must-try. I had a glimpse of their prices too. It was as low as PhP80.00.

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10 Dove Street
Aptly named for the location of its first store. It is not new but they just recently opened  two other branches in the city to be to able to cater to more people and their ever-growing clientelle. One is in Escario and one in Oakridge, A. S. Fortuna, the same place where Yoshuken Ramen is. The food is good but not that extraordinary. Their meatloaf serving is very big and very filling.

ten doves street by

table at 10 doves street by

food at ten doves street by

One of the most visited ramen places in Cebu. I always see people posting their photos in Sachi on social media. I haven't tried it but one of these days, I will. They are mostly open in the early evenings around 6pm.


I've tried Sachi in IT Park and I love their okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake. Their ramen was okay. I''ve tasted something much better. Their gyoza was good and their takoyaki was okay. I've also tasted a better takoyaki from a food stall. Overall, the food was okay. The ambience and the decor was okay. Nothing to get excited about. But I do admit, the okonomiyaki was the best thing I had that we have ordered. I admit, I haven't tasted other okonomiyaki's before but Sachi's so far is really good. I ended up taking the rest of it since we didn't finish the whole serving. Their servings were okay also. The three of us shared the ramen. The takoyaki could do a better presentation. It was a bit charred. All in all, I was not sure what the hype was about. Maybe because the restaurant is new and they offered most of the common Japanese dishes which to one who haven't tried others would think Sachi's would be good enough. But no, I disagree. 

So, if you're looking for affordable Japanese food, try out Sachi but believe me, there's something else better. But do try their okonomiyaki, I think they nailed this one. 

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Zark's Burgers
I am happy that this is now in Cebu. I tried eating there once in their LaSalle Taft branch and it was one of the most sumptous burgers I have ever tasted. Mouth-watering! Not only tasty but very affordable as well. Around PhP150-300 depending on the type of burger you want. It has two branches in Cebu - SM City Reclamation, and SM Seaside City. 

zark's burger la salle taft by

Sugbo Mercado
Just like Mercato Central in BGC, Taguig. Stalls featuring various local restaurants converge here every weekend nights, Thursdays to Sundays. It was Fathers' Day when we were there so we didn't get a table. The smell alone could make you droll.

sugbo mercato it park cebu by

Kuya J's
One of the newest Filipino restaurants here in Cebu. Their widely advertised special halo-halo is as they say it is - the ice is made from frozen milk which makes it really really good. Their crispy kangkong and monggo are delicious too.

creamy halo-halo at kuya jay's by

Buzz Cafe
If you are looking for something healthy, Buzz Cafe is the place to be. This is the from the same company as the Bohol Bee Farm. All their food and products are organic. What I love is their salad with flower petals. I never thought bougainvillea petals would taste so good. Their lasagna noodles are made from cassava. They are using red rice. They have gelato too.

buzz cafe robinsons galleria cebu by

food at buzz cafe robinsons galleria cebu by

Yes, the famous American chain is now here in Cebu. Their branch is in SM Seaside City. For all cinnamon addicts like me. Heaven is here. It's a bit pricey though.

Photo from Google

Tim Ho Wan
This is soon to open in SM Seaside City. This is an authentic Chinese cuisine from Hong Kong. This is a Michelin star casual dining restaurant. I really liked their pork buns. I have eaten with my friends in their store in SM Megamall a few times. We have to join the long queue which seemed to be always the scene every weekend. Let's see if Cebuano's would be queuing to try this one.

food at Tim Ho Wan Megamall by

La Lola Churreria
Their branch in Ayala Center Cebu just opened middle this year.  Their churros are large and the prize is just fair enough. We chanced upon their opening day and got a free dip with our purchase. The churros were tasty but I think I have tasted a tastier one. They also have flavored churros available like green tea, cinnamon, etc.

la lola churreria ayala center cebu by

other products at la lola churreria ayala center cebu by

la lola churros at ayala center cebu by

What are you waiting for? Visit these places now so you would know what I am talking about.

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