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Sleepless in Seattle?

Ever find yourself sleepless in Seattle? Fortunately for me, I didn't. But in case you do, here are some of the wonderful places you should see whenever you find yourself in the Emerald City.

If you need a doze of caffeine, don't fret, you'll find the first ever Starbucks coffee in Pike Place Market. No wonder Seattle is called the coffee capital. This is where all the coffee shops started. Just one reminder, you need to bring with you a lot of patience as the line is really long, even in the early hours of the morning.

first ever Starbucks at Pike Place Market, Seattle by

On the same block, you will find assorted shops. We tried the Russian pastry with mouth-watering treats for breakfast. Piroshky, Piroshky... Of course, I ordered something with cinnamon - poppy seed raisin cinnamon. Yummy!

shops on the same block with Starbucks at Pike Place Market Seattle by

pastries at Pike Place Market Seattle by

pastry at Piroshky Pike Place Market Seattle by

If you don't want pastry for breakfast, you can try any of the fresh produce on the various stalls. You can choose from cherries, to apples, to berries, to nuts. Take your pick. Whatever your taste buds crave, you can find it here. It's truly a feast for the senses.

fresh produce at pike place market seattle by

They have fresh flowers and various greens too. Your eyes will have a grand feast of colors, smells and the feelings these sensations will cause.

fresh flowers at pike place market seattle by

If you are nuts, I mean if you love nuts like pistachios, they have a few stalls that sell all kinds of nuts. You will surely go nuts deciding which to buy.

nuts at pike place market seattle by

If you want meat, fish, seafood, its here. 

seafood galore at pike place market seattle by

In fact, one of the famous fish stalls here in Pike Place, or in the whole US, famous for its systematic way of cleaning, chopping and preparing fish ordered by customers. It's called the Flying fish. This stall is featured in Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as an example to emulate.

flying fish stall at pike place market seattle by

If you fancy art, trinkets, accessories, cards, etc. You can find it here, too. We found a Filipino store selling accessories that are made from the Philippines. Yes, we got discounts.

Filipino trinkets shop at pike place market seattle by

After getting dizzy with the sights and scents in Pike Place Market, we started our way to the waterfront. On the way there, we passed through Post Alley where the famous Gum Wall is. Yes, the Market Theater brick wall with thousands of chewed bubble gums! Yikes!

me making a face at the gum wall seattle |

more chewed gums at gum wall seattle by

chewed gums as art at gum wall seattle by

post alley seattle by

On the waterfront, you will be treated to more sights. More kiosks selling various knick knacks from local artists, enthusiasts and manufacturers. There is a ferris wheel, restos you can dine in, boutiques, shops and the famous Ye Old Curiosity Shop for something bizarre and for souvenirs. I bought a lot of magnets shaped like the different US states. You can also see street musicians displaying their talents for mere change.

ferris wheel at seattle waterfront by

kiosks at seattle waterfront by

fiddler on the sidewalk near seattle waterfront by

Ye Old Curiosity Shop Seattle by

the mummy at ye old curiosity shop seattle by

After strolling and buying souvenirs on the waterfront, we walked to the city center and got on the monorail to the Seattle Center. Seattle Center is a park, arts and entertainment center. It is where the Space Needle is. Since it was a Saturday, there were also a lot of food kiosks near the needle. It was a good day for a picnic. We bought our lunch of pancit (noodles) and lumpia  (spring rolls) from a Filipino food stall and sat down comfortably on the grass to eat.

Seattle Center by

monorail seattle city center  by

View from the monorail. The silver structure is the Museum of Pop Culture or MoPop. Formerly known as the EMP Museum or the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

EMP museum Seattle by

armory seattle by

pacific science center seattle by

A beer garden right near the foot of the Space Needle. Yes, drinking starts early here. Just be sure to have your ID handy and that you are 21 years old.

beer garden at Seattle by

The famous Space Needle. We didn't go up because the queue was too long.

mandatory solo pic with the Space Needle in the background |

Space Needle framed by trees by

Near the Space Needle is an incredible glass exhibit of Dale Chihuly. He went to China to study glass blowing and his pieces are really astounding.

It all starts with this. Simple, transparent and can be displayed on table tops.

transparent glass art by Chihuly by

Then there are fixtures for the ceiling. This is known as the Persian ceiling.

Persian ceiling by Chihuly by

The Nijima Floats. There are multiple variations of this.

Nijima floats by Chihuly | photo by

Below is the Sea Form Series. Featuring the flori of the sea. It occupies a really large floor space. Probably, one long corridor.

Flori of the sea by Chihuly | photo by

And then, there's the sun which is an outdoor sculpture.

The Sun by Chihuly | photo by

Here's the Ikebana. Inspired by the Japanese flower arrangement. This is hanging from the glass dome which gives a different perspective of the Seattle Needle.

Ikebana by Chihuly | photo by

After all those treat of colors and hues. You can drive down to the Puget Sound to relax. Maybe do a little fishing or shrimping or just get some fresh air or just wait for the sun set. There are also some restaurants by the bay where you can have dinner. We ate at Anthony's.

Puget Sound by

Yes, on the way to the boardwalk. You will pass by a patch of really fragrant lavenders. Just beautiful!

lavender at Puget Sound waterfront by

the boardwalk at Puget Sound by

fishing by the Puget Sound by

And to top it all and wrap-up our day was a stunning view of the sunset. 

fishing by the Puget Sound by

These are all during the day. Imagine them at night. It's a totally different scene. Probably, more festive and vibrant.

Some pictures of the gum wall were grabbed from Rudee and Arien.

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